Who and What is the Hungry Introvert?

Who is the blogger? 

Quite simply, she's Jaime.

What is this blog about?

I began blogging several years ago and as hyperlinked with my name above, I blogged at Jaime Loves Stuff for many years.  I still blog there because I still love my place and my lovely followers.  That blog is my spot for all things random and for my daughter and our journey with her surviving a severe traumatic brain injury.

I started the hungry introvert to reflect who I am.  I am introverted and I have become more and more as I become older.  I love people but I need my down time.  I love to read, cook, make handmade jewelry, bath and body products, listen to music and watching movies and TV (especially sci-fi & fantasy!).

I am hungry for knowledge, good food and entertainment.  I am an introvert.

I am the hungry introvert.

Welcome to my blog.

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